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Pawsome Gifts for Dogs

1. Bubbletastic

Does your dog love bubbles? He will love the Bubbletastic bubble machine. The machine blows automatic bubble, saving you hours of breath, but providing plenty of fun for your pup. Best of all the bubbles are bacon scented, so your dog is sure to go crazy for the fun.

2. Tux Dog Toys

The Tux Dog Toy is perfect for dogs that like to chew. It is made of durable, non-toxic plastic and provides hours of fun. It is dishwasher safe and comes in three colors: aqua, tangerine, and granny smith. They carry a lifetime warranty and are available at Camp Bedford.

3. GPS Dog Tracker

Sadly, dogs are lost all the time, and some of them are never found. Dog owners know it, and that’s why I’m sure they will be thrilled about this gift.

We’re not talking about pet trackers that use Bluetooth as these have a very limited range. The Whistle 3 has GPS tracking, along with a 3G internet connection, that can cover the whole country.

The device attaches to the dog’s collar or harness and is able to stand rough conditions, including getting wet. Also, battery life is impressive as this tracker can work up to 7 days after a full charge (depending on different factors such as the strength the cellular coverage).

Owners will have to pay a low-cost monthly fee for a cellular connection, but I believe that this is a small price for the peace of mind.

4. Doggie Cameras

When you're away at work missing your babies, the Petcube allows you to see and talk to your dog via a corresponding app on your phone. It comes equipped with an HD camera that sends a feed straight to you, and a two-way microphone system so you can talk to your pups.It even has a built-in laser pointer that you can control from a distance to encourage exercise and play, and it connects to Amazon Alexa so you can use voice commands to enable certain features.

5. Quality Pet Nozzle Nectar Nose Balm (a great stocking stuffer)

Just like humans, dogs get chapped skin, too. Cover their nozzle in this all-natural, organic "nozzle nectar" that helps relieve dry noses and is even safe for owners to use on their hands. It's also scent-free, so your dog won't immediately lick the formula right off!

6. Pet Massager from

Soothe your dog's sore muscles or anxious nerves with this handy tool.

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